What is WordPress?

WordPress represents the most significant blogging application on the www, employed by many websites seen by tens of millions of individuals every single day. It is an open–source project with a large number of volunteers upgrading it around the globe. Gradually, WordPress has expanded from a tiny blog setup application into a mature content management system for setting up all sorts of sites.

This top level application has a full web site setup framework which you can adjust for your individual demands with a couple of clicks. Many hundreds of widgets and plugins broaden its functionality to the level that it may be used for virtually any sort of web site – from a dog’s homepage up to a major enterprise web site. Furthermore, it’s completely free – there’s no requirement to pay anyone a license fee.

WordPress is a trademark of the WordPress Foundation and shares no affiliation with AD Region Company.

WordPress–Optimized Hosting Services with a Point–and–Click Control Panel

Using our WordPress–optimized Linux website hosting packages solutions, you will have your own personal or small business WordPress web site published on the internet with only a mouse click. All you have to do is choose WordPress from the web application setup drop–down menu and when we prepare your web hosting account, we’ll install WordPress for you. That way, you will be ready to start working on your site right after the signup procedure is done and also you won’t need to deal with any sort of complex configurations.

AD Region Company’s WordPress–optimized Linux website hosting packages plans include a drag–and–drop File Manager where your WordPress files will be stored, a Database Manager for your databases, along with an all–inclusive Mail Account Manager from which you can manage your e–mails with simply a mouse click.

Free WordPress Themes

And with every single WordPress–optimized Linux website hosting packages plan, you’ll have access to lots of bonus WordPress design templates, available right within our Online Control Panel.

Each and every one of our WordPress templates is completely free of charge for you to use and to alter in whatever way you want. You’re able to rather quickly add any of them with your WordPress installation and remodel your web site into a portfolio, a company website, a beauty shop homepage, etc.